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My Paintings, Paint Pours and Resin Pieces
I’m inspired by color, wildness and creativity, I want to capture that focal point forever, so forget the demure; my art is a burst with energy, life and texture, layer upon layer of evolution and growth.
My pieces aim to have you attempt to join me in the joy of abandon with color and flow and lines and shapes and fun that challenge your expectations of the everyday.
“An experience is a virtue and I hope that looking at my work puts you inside a moment to experience the laughter, or maybe the sadness, the bliss, the unknown, the wow, or a moment in life shared in a single expression…”
I work in various mediums including acrylics and  resin.
I love using a combination of light and dark, thick and delicate, later upon layer, to create depth and luminosity in my work.
I’m inspired by the challenges of  the techniques, learning what works and what doesn’t, paying attention to detail, taking the time for the layer upon layer to reveal a piece of art, a product that is beautiful,  thought provoking,  and yes, sometimes odd,  yet visually appealing, unique and durable.
My goal is to always create intricate and beautiful designs and pieces for you to enjoy. 

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Pour painting, dapple design, chris Dalking, artist strathroy ontario

Pour Painting

Some of my art is acrylic pour painting, sometimes called fluid or flow art.
It’s a unique style that is smooth swirls and bright colours that form fluid art that appeals to many different types of artists. Cells in acrylic pouring occur by mixing acrylic paint with additives that have an oil like component that react with the water-base of the acrylic paint and when the paint settles, bubbles rise to the surface and amazing cell patterns emerge.

I like to use a variety of techniques in my art because it allows me to create some spectacular pieces.
Creating this style might look easy but trust me, it’s not, I need to alter the state of my acrylic paints by using an acrylic pouring medium because if I use the acrylics straight out of the tube the paints won’t naturally be able to create the effects found in fluid art.
It’s proper preparation that gets my unique one of a kind piece of art because if I don’t do the “science right”, my paints will crack and perhaps even separate. 
It’s trial and error that has led me to learn about colour densities and viscosities, how the fluids interact and the cells will split, and you don’t know how a piece will look until the paint has sat on the canvas for a period of time.
My joy is the outcome, the uncertainty of the colours, the cells ect… but I can 100% say that the results are one of the joys of acrylic pouring and above all, cells are the most popular because they captivate and amaze audiences. People are enticed by the intricacies and the random nature of the cells and how they appear.

Pour painting, dapple design, chris Dalking, artist strathroy ontario

Resin Art

Resin art is “thermosetting plastic” that is mixed in a ratio two parts—a methyl methacrylate liquid has a catalyst added to it which causes it to set into a transparent form and it’s renowned for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic, resin is proving particularly popular among today’s top creatives and as a contemporary artist and designer I love finding new and inventive ways to incorporate the malleable material into my pieces.

Resin art is lustrous like glass but compositionally similar to plastic, resin effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities. Resin, or epoxy resin, is a synthetic material that can be combined with other objects to create many different types of art.
The type of resin that is used in art usually begins as a viscous substance and is then cured into a rigid form. While it is a liquid resin, it can be manipulated by adding ingredients and other materials, and once it is fully cured, it is extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

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Custom Creations

Dapple Design is your go to designer, painter, artist for custom work.
From Wall Murals, Table Tops, Jewellery, Small Pieces, Large Pieces, for any Special Occasions and everything in between.
If YOU can think it, I can make it!

It’s said that “everyone’s life is it’s own story”…

Throughout my years as an artist my paintings, paint pours and resin pieces are often an expression of my emotional connection to the world around me, I’ve found that only grief is more fragile than the medium I work with.

I’m from and live in Strathroy, Ontario and as far back as I can remember I have always loved creating art .I went to college, graduated Industrial Design and loved how that enhanced my skills, grow my style and taught me about working with new mediums and materials, I was living my dream…
However, at the same time, my baby boy was diagnosed with a brain tumor….life changed in an instant. Operation after operation and finally we seemed to beat this bump in the road of life. I could breathe again, move forward again…… at least for a few short minutes because I was then diagnosed with type one diabetes. The fight for life was back, I learned all I could about being an insulin dependent brittle diabetic, I got on with life, got married  and was blessed with two more amazing boys! 

Life was good!

Then one day I noticed something had changed in my oldest son. His brain tumor was back, winning the battle. He was only thirteen, his whole life was supposed to be ahead of him, this can’t be happening…..but it was. I lost my beautiful, funny, caring, tough as nails, fighter till the end first born son…. How does one come back from that……how was I supposed to be there for my family? My perspective on the world fell apart. Next came divorce, sinking  to rock bottom…a parent is not supposed to outlive their child…..Therapy  helped me stand up again, begin to move forward again, got me to create again. Slowly I was living again by creating,  I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way. I tried interesting mediums, new styles, different materials, experimented with acrylic paints, acrylic resin and so much more…

I was “healing, one art piece at a time…..”

Today, I have two amazing daughter in laws, three beautiful grandsons and a full heart….life is good. My works of art are for sale, “parting is such sweet sorrow…” However, knowing my pieces of “art from my heart” are able to bring joy, happiness a smile to another person is the sweet part of the alliterative oxymoron, combing the notion of sorrowful parting with anticipation of future pleasure…..

Please visit my gallery and enjoy!

Your friend, your artist Christina

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